We perform commercial earthwork for non-residential projects, such as malls, condominiums, and industrial constructions. The objective of a commercial project is the same as residential – to prep the site for construction. This includes removing debris such as trees and rocks, digging for underground spaces and utilities, and redistributing and compacting soil for grading and stability. Compared with residential projects, industrial buildings are usually larger, made of steel and concrete, and therefore heavier than average lumber-framed homes. Also, instead of 8 ft basements, non-residential buildings sometimes have underground parking lots or multiple underground levels. This means commercial excavators have to dig and drill deeper piles for stability. The deeper the excavation, the more hazardous and costly it becomes. Speaking of hazard, sometimes repurposing commercial properties, such as an old gas station, requires the safe removal and disposal of contaminated soil, and in this particular example, underground fuel tanks as well. Additionally, the weight and pressure of nearby commercial structures must also be considered to ensure site safety. Commercial excavation is more complex because of the number of project components, contractors, personnel, and types of machinery involved.